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You should never ask for anything. Never -- and especially from those who are more powerful than yourself. They will make the offer and they will give of their own accord.

-M. Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"


I am happy that you came here and hope you won't be dissapointed. This page contains the index of what can be found on my ~sg part of this server. Browse and enjoy!

For your entertainment I recommend to start with the Psychological Test and (if you understand Russian) Russian Nerdity Test.

Entertainment. Tests

* Psychological Test
A funny short psychological test. After reading a short story you answer a question and voila - you are learning something interesting about yourself. Want to try?
Both English and Russian versions are available.
The overall results of all who have taken the test are now available.

* The First Russian Nerdity Test
The first Russian version of the well known Nerdity Test. This is not just a simple translation of the English version, the test was revised to reflect cultural differences between western countries and Russia. Although the test is pretty long, it is very worth the time spent on it.
Cyrillic font required.

Useful Information

* Ekaterinburg - my home town
Coming to Ekaterinburg as a turist or with a business trip? Want to know more about the city? Check out this link! See also Ekaterinburg entry in Russia Phototrack

* Measurements Conversion
Automatic measurements converter implemented in JavaScript! Allowes fast conversions between meters and miles, atmospheres and inches of mercury, light years and parsecs, and much, much more. Check it out! Russian version available in koi8-r (unix) and cp1251 (Windows) encodings.

Programming Contests

An international competition of programs playing Arithemetic Croquette game by Lewis Carrol. The competition ended in December, 1995. Now you can find all the information about it on this Web server. Thsi includes the rules, the results, sources of participating programs and more.

* Karpinsk Tram - 96
Another programming contest. Now the problem was more difficult, related to graph optimization. There were not many participants, but still it might be interesting to check out the rules. Both Russian and English versions available.

Personal Info

* Some info about me
Want to know? Ok.

* My resume
Want to hire me? Going to pay big bucks? I may consider your offer. :)

* How to contact me
Ways to contact me, my PGP public key and other related stuff.

* Some photos
Several pictures I decided to put on web for some reason.

Other stuff

* Links
Home pages of my friends and other interesting links.

* Access statistics
Absolute record for my pages was once about 7000 requests a day. Now it is much lower. :( Still you can find out who browses these pages most. Check if your address is in there.

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